WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Business Hours
    Mon - Fri : 9:00 am - 6:00 pm PST

    Email: info@highsocietysupply.com

    General Questions:

    • Are the products sold and purchased authentic?

      • All hardware, accessories and premium ejuice are direct from the manufacture. We do not sell any fake or cloned merchandised. 
    • What is PG and VG in ejuice?

      • PG = Propylene Glycol / More flavor and great throat hit
      • VG = Vegetable Gycol/Glycerin / More cloud production, smoother
    • Do any batteries come charged?

      • Most batteries come a third way charged. We highly recommend charging the batteries before use.

     Ordering Information:

    • How do I login into my account?

      • Please click HERE to login.
      • If you forget your password, please contact our customer service team at 714-930-1777. 
    • Promo Codes?

      • Promo Codes will be announced through social media and newsletters
    • Need to change your order?

      • Please call us at 714-930-1777 or email us at info@highsocietysupply.com
    • Declined Orders

      • Orders are generally declined due to an AVS Mismatch: the billing address doesn't match the associated credit card. A "pending" charge may appear on your bank statement but will be removed after a few business, depending on your bank. 
      • We do not accept pre-paid cards or gift cards.