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02 Nov '16

The Top 10 Ejuice Flavors of 2016

Ejuice is generally categorized in four major categories such as fruit, candy, tobacco and menthol. The creative and unique e-liquid flavors available on the market has the expanded the selections of new categories of ejuice such as donut, cereal, yogurt etc. In this Top 10 list, we picked the top flavors in each category. Let's see if you agree with our list.

Flavor Category Manufacture Flavor VG/PG Price
Fruit Naked 100 Lava Flow  70/30 $14.99
Dessert FRYD Liquids Banana 70/30 $9.99 
Cereal Glas E-Liquid Pebbles 65/35 $14.99
Cream & Custard Cuttwood Unicorn Milk 70/30 $5.99
Donut * (Bonus) Loaded E-Liquid Glazed Donut 70/30 $19.99
Coffee Snap Liquids Cafe Con Leche 70/30 $14.99
Bakery Fat Kid E-Juice Got Cookies 80/20 $29.99
Yogurt Kilo E-Liquids Kiberry Yogurt 70/30 $5.99
Tobacco Uncle Junk's Jon Wayne 60/40 $5.99
Menthol Naked 100 Frostbite 70/30 $14.99


Fruit - Lava Flow by Naked 100

Fruit Flavor Ejuice
Naked 100 Lava Flow Naked 100 Lava Flow ejuice made the list as our top Fruit e-liquid of the year. Manufactured by The Schwartz, Naked 100 hit the scene with three flavors: Lava Flow, Green Blast and Amazing Mango. The inspiration of the Naked 100 brand came from the all natural fruit beverages, with three main fruit flavors in each bottle. Lava Flow ejuice is hands down the favorite with a flavor profile of sweet and rich strawberries with two island staples of refreshing coconut and sugary tang of pineapple. The inhale provides strawberry with an exhale of juicy pineapple and subtle notes of creaminess from the coconut. 




Dessert - FRYD Liquids Banana

Dessert Flavor Ejuice

FRYD Banana EJuice 30mlWith the amount of dessert flavor ejuices on the market, this was definitely a tough one. FRYD Liquids has become a popular brand for dessert e-liquid choices but honestly, it's still underrated. FRYD Banana is the flavor of deep-fried golden banana slices with butterscotch, buttery cream and crunchy graham crackers. Available in both 30ml and 60ml bottles, the robust flavor of ripe bananas blended with rich and savory dessert tones, tops our list of best dessert ejuice flavor of the year. If banana isn't in your flavor profile, give FRYD Watermelon or FRYD Cookies and Cream a try.

Cereal - Pebbles by Glas E-Liquid

Cereal Flavor Ejuice

Glas E-Liquid Pebbles 30mlGlas E-Liquid is a sophisticated and higher-end ejuice brand. The stand out appearance of the Glas bottles are unlike any other on the market. A well sought after brand, Glas Pebbles ejuice makes our top cereal flavor of year. With so many different contenders like Kilo's Cereal Milk and the popular ANML Looper, we thought Pebbles deserves the proper recognition for being one of the best cereal flavors on the market. Being considered both a dessert and a cereal blend the flavor profile is sweet macaroon cookie with vanilla and topped with fruity cereal. The vape provides delicious fruity cereal from the inhale to the exhale with hints of vanilla cookie. 

Cream & Custard - Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood

 Custard Flavor Ejuice

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk 16.5mlCuttwood Unicorn Milk is one of those flavors that will be on every top ejuice list created. Known as "The Sauce Boss" and most successful e-liquid company, Cuttwood provides the highest quality ejuice on the market. From people just entering the vape scene to experienced vapers, Unicorn Milk is by far one of the most recognized flavors ever created. Unicorn Milk is the unique blend of enhanced strawberry extract and four unique creams. The strawberry milk flavor is smooth through the nose and mouth, giving your a satisfying vape every time. If you're on the hunt for a custard or creamy flavor, Unicorn Milk is a solid option. Available in 16.5ml, 30ml and 120ml ejuice bottles. 

Coffee - Cafe Con Leche by Snap Liquids

Coffee Flavor Ejuice

Snap Liquids Cafe Con Leche 60mlSnap Liquids Cafe Con Leche was launched in summer 2016. A fairly new coffee ejuice flavor, Cafe Con Leche continues to major success for vapers looking for a premium and delicious coffee blend. Packaged in a convenient 60ml gorilla unicorn bottle, Cafe Con Leche ejuice is the indulgence of classic brewed coffee, blended with creamy milk and touch of hazelnut. The perfect morning beverage is readied for you to enjoy all day. The inhale provides the taste of coffee with delicious flavor tones of milk and hazelnut on the exhale. We recommend pairing it with your morning cup of coffee for enhanced flavoring. 

Bakery - Got Cookies by Fat Kid E-Juice

Bakery Flavor Ejuice

Fat Kid E-Juice Got Cookies 180mlFat Kid E-Juice Got Cookies made a major impact on the vape market with the release of chocolate chip cookies and milk flavor, packaged in a huge 180ml bottle. Manufactured by Sugar Liquids, who originally released "Sweet Pink", the flavor of warm chocolate chip cookies dunked into a cold creamy glass of milk is the treat most can relate to. The distinct packaging of Got Cookies ejuice includes a 180ml bottle with two unicorn bottles and a cookie gift bag. The Max VG e-liquid is highly recommended for dripping to experience the full flavor. The one-of-a-kind cookie flavor you have you saying "I Got Cookies".

Yogurt - Kiberry Yogurt by Kilo E-Liquids

Yogurt Flavor ejuice

Kilo Kiberry Yogurt EJuice 15mlKiberry Yogurt is the fourth installment in the Kilo E-Liquid collection. Originally released in late 2015, Kiberry Yogurt has won the heart of many vapers desiring a creamy yogurt flavored ejuice. The flavor of Kilo E-Liquids Kiberry Yogurt ejuice is a delicious yogurt cream, infused with a blend of fresh strawberries and dash of tangy kiwi. Unlike other yogurt liquids, which tend to be tart due to the Greek yogurt flavoring, Kiberry Yogurt provides a smooth creamy with hints of fruit through the nose and mouth. We recommend this flavor for all yogurt lovers. 

Tobacco - Jon Wayne by Uncle Junk's 

Tobacco Flavor ejuice

Uncle Junk's Jon Wayne EJuice 15mlJon Wayne is the most recognized and best selling tobacco ejuice. Manufactured by Uncle Junk's Genius Juice, Jon Wayne is a sweet and savory tobacco flavor. A notable mention is Ripe Vapes VCT (Vanilla, Custard Tobacco), but the flavor of tobacco mixed with cream and sweet notes of caramel, has people coming back for more. Ideal for long time cigarette smokers or for those craving something earthy with a notes of sweet, Jon Wayne is the perfect go to choice. Uncle Junk's spent countless months, perfecting this tobacco flavor and boy did they get it right. 

Menthol - Frostbite by Naked 100

Menthol Flavor Ejuice

Naked 100 Frostbite 60mlFrostbite by Naked 100 is a well-balanced fruity menthol vape. The fruity combination of juicy pineapples, honeydew melon, cantaloupe and finished with icy flavor notes, takes us to our number menthol flavor of the year. Naked 100 Menthol was recently released this summer, but has gained attention due to exceptional flavor. Other menthol ejuices on the market, tend to be quite overpowering with not enough balance. Manufactured by The Schwartz E-Liquid, Frostbite ensures you'll be satisfied with every vape. If the flavor profile doesn't meet your palate, we strongly recommend trying Naked 100 Brain Freeze; strawberry kiwi, pomegranate, menthol. 



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