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07 Aug '16

High Society Supply: How Does Prop 56 Affect the Vaping Community?

Prop 56: California Healthcare, Research & Prevention Tobacco Tax of 2016 is a premium online vape ejuice and hardware distributor, examines Prop 56: California Healthcare, Research & Prevention Tobacco Tax of 2016. Proposition 56 will be voted in by California residents on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The California state tobacco tax will increase from 87 cents to $2.87 per pack of cigarettes. Since electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are deemed tobacco products, the tax will affect vaping companies, small businesses and consumers. According ACSCAN, ALA and AHA, the tobacco tax will save more lives, forcing people to quit smoking and support a healthier lifestyle. 


The increased supports from organizations such as the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network stated thousands of young people become addicted to tobacco products every year. The popularity of vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, has gained attention and apparently targeting the youth with candy flavored tobacco. Prop 56 is supposed to save lives and protect the children. 

Vaping Isn't Smoking

Vaping is still much misunderstood by many such as organizations and medical professionals. E-Juices are comprised of four major ingredients: Propylene Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and Flavorings. While there's not enough evidence on long term affects of vaping, electronic cigarettes do not contain the harmful carcinogens and chemicals found in regular cigarettes. The vapor produced from electronic cigarettes is from heating e-liquids. For example, water exposed to heat is converted into vapor. The ingredients of ejuices are found in a variety of every products such as food, medications, and beauty products. Now millions of vapers who quit smoking cigarettes may revert back to their old habits because of the outrageous imposed tax. 

How Does Prop 56 Affect Vaping?

The tobacco California state tax is paid by the initial business selling the product. The manufacturer, distributor or retailer will be responsible for paying the substantial tax, then will filter out to the consumer. For example as a consumer, the average price for a 30ml bottle of ejuice is about $20. With the imposed tobacco tax, the new average price can be upwards to $30 - $35. Also, consumers are held responsible for paying the tax on vaping products purchased outside of California. The incentive of switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping, may not be a reality anymore. California is considered the "vaping capital" due to the large numbers of ejuice companies such as Cuttwood, Kilo E-Liquids, Cosmic Fog and Ruthless E-Juice. 

With all the negative discussions about vaping, the positive influences are typically brushed under the rug. Vaping has filled thousands of jobs and given people the opportunity to experience a healthier lifestyle. The vaping community brings people together through trade shows, events, new innovative products etc. The tobacco tax goes into effect April 2017 and this will crush the industry. Vaping is just not an alternative but a lifestyle for a healthier way of living. Lost Art Liquids, an e-juice manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California stated "We will make adjustments, so vapers won't be effected so bad they can't vape and working on pricing that are fair". Companies understand the tax will hurt, but are willing to accommodate the vaping community. 


There is not enough answers to all the questions the vapor community has about new regulation in California. Are companies relocating due to the tax? What will happen to my local vape shop? Unfortunately, time must play out in order for us to receive those answers. Just know, that and other vape companies are standing behind their customers. Vaping is not going away but adjustments do need to be made to fulfill the lifestyle. 

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