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17 Nov '17

Are Nicotine Salts Dangerous?

Posted by Customer Service
Nicotine salt e-liquid is newest trend to sweep the vape industry, but are nicotine salts dangerous? E-juice with nicotine salts in and of itself is no more potentailly dangerous than regular e-juice. Nonetheless, nic salts may have a negative impact on the industry as vapers seek out higher nicotine levels just as the FDA cracks down on nicotine levels in combustible cigarettes.
What Is Nicotine Salt?
Nicotine naturally occurs in a tobacco leaf when nicotine binds to other organic compounds. That makes it slightly different —and more pure— than regular e-juice nicotine, which is made by altering these natural compounds.
Why Vapers Love Nicotine Salt
Nicotine salt e-liquids have become wildly popular with vapers. They’re especially big with vapers who use pod systems and low-power vapes like the Eleaf iCare. The reason for this is that nic salt juice is known to provide a smoother draw  without a painful throat hit, even when it’s being vaped at higher nicotine levels. Mr. Salt-E Liquid, for instance, is available in nicotine strengths of up to 45 mg. 
The Danger of Nicotine Salt
When people ask “Are nicotine salts dangerous?” they are often really asking whether nicotine salts are any less safer than regular nicotine. The danger of nicotine salt, though, is more abstract. It’s got everything to do with how people may end up viewing the vaping industry.
Some people prefer a nice, easy 5 mg nicotine salt e-juice, but many others are increasingly choosing higher and higher nicotine levels to satisfy their cravings or to get a slight nic buzz.
Interestingly enough, vapers are starting to gravitate towards e-liquid with higher nicotine at the same time that the FDA has announced it aims to decrease the nicotine in analog cigarettes.
Since e-cigs first starting gaining popularity, the media has pounced on most opportunities to villainize vaping. The real danger, then, lies in whether the vaping industry will be seen in a more negative light now that nicotine salts are starting to take center stage. 

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